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Treatment of oncological diseases in Germany

The majority of people, having heard a terrible verdict, lose heart, panic­, some are overcome by doubts - what to do further, how to be, whom ­ to consult? "Cancer" - diagnosis, which 10 years ago horrified, now ­ is not a word-executioner defining ­ further life. We want to convince you, that timely undertaken examinations and correctly made ­diagnosis are pledge ­of full life and in most cases, uttermost recover!

Why is it necessary to go on diagnostics and treatment to Germany, you ask? To this question there are more than enough reasoned answers. First of all, this state (possibly, ­ the government of this country?) puts huge ­ means in medical researches of cancer diseases. Secondly, careful ­ approach to diagnostics and treatment of German physicians has ­almost nominal value, and high-precision ­ diagnostics and use of ultramodern equipment and modern clinically approved methods of treatment ­ are rightly recognised as one of the best in the world. And, at last, thirdly, the majority ­of clinical institutions in Germany are characterised with ­ high-quality service, comfort and ­ friendliness of highly skilled ­ personnel.

Naturally, for various kinds of­ oncological diseases there are ­different methods of treatment, such as immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, ­ beam therapy, method of gamma knife and also system of a cyber-knife which, by the way, in Europe is used only in Germany - in clinic of Munich University.

The main task of МеdiConta medical support service is, using a long-term operational experience with German experts and know-how in the sphere of medicine,­ in short terms to find a doctor, to pick up ­a clinic and correct method of treatment, showing thus an individual approach to the treatment organisation, responsibility and attention to patients, and what is more important, confidentiality. The basic qualities distinguishing ­ company MediConta from other similar companies is a unique database of leading ­ doctors - experts in various areas of medicine who are not only the coryphaeus in their sphere but often - the unique experts in their field. Advisers of МеdiConta constantly update and fill up databank­, monitor leading experts, do reviews of special ­medical editions, keep track of scientific researches development and newest methods ­of treatment to remain up to date­ of last tendencies in modern medicine.

The client, who has addressed in MediConta Company with inquiry about carrying out the Program of Medical aid, is guaranteed ­to get not only qualified ­consultation and help, full confidentiality of medical, financial ­ and individual information, but also ­ a wide spectrum of offered ­ additional services. Employees of the company accurately understand all importance of the decision made by the client to arrive on treatment to Germany and ­­ help to avoid difficulties connected with organisational moments, such as visa ­support, ticket purchase, hotel booking, translator support at all stages of stay in the country and many other things.

Experts of МеdiConta knowing that ­carrying out the Program of Medical aid, as a rule, is accompanied by emotional ­ and mental pressure, with special attention and keenness will support clients and, showing high professionalism,­ will help the patient to forget for a while about the fact that treatment is undertaken far from home. Having relied on experience and high qualification of MediConta Company you can be sure in correctness of your choice!