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More and more patients from different countries of the world trust their health to highly professional physicians of Germany, because Germany is at the top of the world quality standards of medical services and service cost. MediConta together with highly professional partners will help you to choose an optimum way for restoration and preservation of your health. MediConta offers for patients from all countries of the world complex programs of diagnostics, treatment, medical rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment in clinics of Germany, including granting the whole complex of organisational services.

Well-being of the patient is always in the first flight - from the first minute of contact MediConta incurs all cares on trip organisation, including the organisation of arrival and stay of the patient and members of his family, visa support, meeting at the airport, guardianship in native language, services of qualified medical translator, drafting of accompanying people treatment.


MediConta provides also translation of medical documents, co-ordinates drafting of treatment offer and coordination of treatment cost with clinics, supervises transfer of the patient from one clinic to another, if necessary, and will organise exchange of medical information with consulting physician in home country (through representations MediConta in CIS countries).


Short list of services provided:

we will give visa support

we will provide meeting and seeing off to the airport, and also escort to clinic or hotel

trip organisation, including transport and accommodation

for all period of treatment we will provide service of a personal translator who has experience in medical sphere

carrying out of the treatment at the best experts in various medical directions

considering features of disease, we will provide ultimate choice of clinics

we will develop individual programs of examination of therapy, rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment

guardianship in native language

round-the-clock communication

acquisition of necessary medicines and provision with necessary documentation for customs services

translation of medical documentation into Russian

accommodation and program for accompanying persons/shopping, excursions and other /

V.I.P. - service

full confidentiality of medical and financial information



Information for the patient

In the conversation with you Russian-speaking employees of MediConta will explain you in detail conditions of reception and treatment of foreign patients in our clinics - partners in Germany. You provide medical documents available for you: medical note, medical discharge report, undertaken examinations and tests in Russian. 


After reception of this information MediConta consults head physician of the clinic which is the most suitable in your case, with the request for estimation of medical note. In case of clinic readiness to accept you on examination, treatment or rehabilitation, you receive from us a treatment offer and preliminary accounting of assumed expenses.