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Cultural program

Walking and auto-walking excursions around Munich

Walking tour in the centre of Munich with sightseeing and visiting of the most interesting places of the Bavarian capital. You will be told about the city history, about Bavarian kings, about Hitler, about old relations of Russia and Bavaria, and also about well-known Russians who lived, and live in the city. You will visit the oldest Bavarian beer Hofbräuhaus (НВ) where you will learn a lot of interesting about Bavarian traditions, cuisine and well-known Bavarian beer. Duration of walking tour - 2 hours. 

Auto-walking tour, except the city centre tour, includes visiting of Numphenburg palace complex , BMW plant and the Olympic Centre. Duration of auto-walking tour - 3 hours.


Ludwig II palaces

Visiting of palaces of Bavarian king Ludwig II Neuschwanstein and Linderhof. During this trip you will be told about king Ludwig and history of his palaces construction. On picturesque Alpine road from Neuschwanstein to Linderhof you also will visit  Wieskirche -church recognised as an outstanding monument of architecture and culture where you will be told about its founders and history of its construction. 

During a trip, you will be offered to have dinner in one of the Bavarian restaurants. 

Duration of trip - 12-14 hours.


Lake Chiemsee and Salzburg

Visiting of Ludwig II palace on the lake Chimsee, and also the cities of Prien and Salzburg. Excursion begins in the morning with arrival in the city of Prien, from where you will get by boat to the island Herrenchimsee where there is a well-known copy of Versailles - a palace of Bavarian king Ludwig II. In the palace you will learn about Ludwig II life and about history of palace construction. After returning to Prien you will be offered to have lunch in one of the restaurants with typical Bavarian cuisine. After dinner you will have a trip to Salzburg, a city where well- known Austrian composer Mozart had spent most part of his life. In Salzburg you go on a walking tour with visiting of house-museum of Mozart, a cemetery of Saint Sebastian where there is a tomb of Mozart's family and where his father Leopold and wife Constance are buried. You will also visit Salzburg cathedral and Hochensalzburg fortress - one of the most undestroyed medieval fortresses in Europe.  Duration of tour -12-14 hours.


Swarovski Museum in Innsbruck

Visiting of museum and shop of jeweller factory "Swarovski".

With visiting of Swarovski museum you will be given possibility not only to see the exhibition, but also to purchase products made by these well-known company in their own company shop, being on factory territory. After visiting of "Swarovski" museum you go on a walking tour along the city of Innsbruck - a city of the Olympic Games 1964 and 1976. You will be told about the city history, and you will be also shown "Gold Roof" (Goldene Dach) - the main sight of the city. Besides you will visit Hofburg palace and church Hofkirche. Having climbed on the mountain lift in Hungenburg, from height of 850 metres you will be able to enjoy picturesque panorama of the city and Alpine mountains. In conclusion of the excursion - supper in Tyrolean restaurant. Duration of tour - 12-14 hours.



Trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen with visiting of the stadium constructed for winter Olympic Games of 1938.

After tour to Olympic stadium, you will visit one of the longest and beautiful gorges of Europe - Partnachklamm gorge. Besides you will have a city tour and an interesting story about history of this remarkable Alpine city.

In the conclusion - supper in one of Bavarian restaurants.

Duration of tour: 8-10 hours.


Augsburg, Ulm

Trip to Ulm - a city founded in 854 and in which there is the highest church tower in the world with the height of 161,60 m. During cathedral tour you will be told about the history of the cathedral construction, and those who wish to climb on a church tower can do it having overcome 768 steps leading to the very top. Having a city tour you will see the original Ulm sparrow that became a city symbol. After the city tour, you will visit an old town hall (1370) and fish settlement. In historical city centre there are the most interesting restaurants in Ulm, where you will be offered to have a rest and dinner, with a possibility to try Swabian cuisine. After dinner - moving from Ulm to Augsburg. Augsburg was found in the year 15 BC by the Roman army, and is named in honour of the emperor of August. You will have a walking tour in the city during which you will be told about history of the city and destinies of well-known people who lived in this city. 

Duration of tour: 12-14 hours.



Regensburg is a big medieval city which practically has not suffered during the war and which is justly called an open-air museum. It is a unique city in Germany where it is possible to see a harmonious mixture of many architectural styles from 2nd to20th century. In Regensburg you will make a walking tour around the city with visiting of an old town hall and St. Peter's Cathedral.

You will pass 900-year-old bridge across Danube and also will have dinner in the Bavarian restaurant where you will be told about Bavarian traditions and cuisine.

Duration of tour: 8-10 hours.



Trip to memorial complex of Concentration Camp of Dachau.

You will visit an exhibition about camp and watch a film about history of concentration camps during 2nd World War; you will walk along the camp territory, see barracks where prisoners lived, crematorium, places of executions and burial places, and also monuments to prisoners of the camp.

After the camp tour you will be offered to have a walk in the picturesque small streets of the city of Dachau with visiting of a palace with a garden where it will be possible to have a rest sitting in a cosy cafe. 

Duration of tour: 5-6 hours.